Our Wellness team endeavours to promote true health in Cornwall.

We are passionate about helping you make health and lifestyle choices that will improve your life. We are here to help you create a better version of you.

Inspired by the same ethos, each member of the Wellness team wants to go above and beyond decreasing pain. We want you to be in tune with your body and stay in tune in order that you can realise and experience complete health. Through regular care we want to prevent illness and promote health and vitality. We hope to inspire you and encourage you to Eat Well, Think Well, Move Well.

Jubilee Well-Being and Chiropractic Centre is set within Jubilee Warehouse, a fantastic eco-building on the waterfront in Penryn, Cornwall.

 Our Chiropractors and our Integral Health Practitioner have a shared understanding of the cause of pain. To assist you on your journey back to good health we work to remove the cause of your problem.

 Adjustments are made to remove interference from the nervous system so that your body can continue to function naturally.

 An accurate definition of health is essential to understanding Chiropractic and Wellness care. In our society today, health is often an improperly used term. Many people perceive health as “feeling good without any pain or symptoms,” however, it is much more than that.

 Health is all about function. How well you are functioning determines how truly well you are. Health and wellness are about more than just ‘feeling good’; they are about functioning at your ultimate potential. When your body is functioning 100%, you have the innate ability to adapt to anything that occurs in your environment and you can continually maintain optimal health.


Regular adjustments for a healthier you

Ill health results from an inability to adapt to stressors (i.e. a weakened immune system, stress, etc.) and the result is decreased functionality. Events like car accidents and physical traumas are often out of your control, but how you are functioning and adapting to your environment on a daily basis is completely within your power. Therefore, the choice to be healthy or unhealthy is ultimately under your control.

At Jubilee Well-Being & Chiropractic Centre, we take a broader approach to your health, and look at how you are functioning rather than just asking how you are feeling.

Named ‘Jubilee Well’ for short to highlight the focus of care on Wellness and not sick care. Our focus is on making positive changes on many levels to create a healthier and better version of you. We believe that there is so much potential for positive change if we are willing to let go of old habits that no longer serve us. Recovery takes many forms and has many causes but the common denominator is realising the need for change. Recovery’s nemesis is struggle.

Restoration to health followed by maintenance of your wellness are our goals if you are willing and ready to play your part.

Through a series of adjustments we can facilitate your body to function naturally.
Alongside this we will help you adopt a healthy lifestyle through patient education.
Our Wellness team will encourage and educate our patients in appropriate and simple ways to change the health status from within - healthy eating and exercise combined with a positive and fun approach to daily living that will keep you not only feeling well, but functioning well every day!

Meet The Team


Dr Helen Jones

Chiropractor - Dr Helen Jones

Doctor of Chiropractic BSc(Hons) Chiropractors, BA(Hons) FA

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Louisa Roscoe

Louisa Roscoe

BHSc Naturopath, Nutritionist, Homeopath, Herbalist, Craniosacral Therapist, Kinesiology.

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Michelle Nicholls

The Jubilee Well Recepionist

Michelle is our Clinic Co-Ordinator and helps make sure the clinic runs smoothly.

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Amy Pease

Amy Pease


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